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A "Re-Open" fee is a fee paid to relocate files, images, links, graphics, scripts, codes, etc...from an abandoned website job.

Many times a client may make a payment for a website job and simply walk away. NEW Clients may also purchase this option and what we do is simply REMOVE all the old flies, re-design a FRESH look, upload the New Clients designs for the 5 pages, design all setting points, upload main images, launch site at a professional level and turn the site over to the NEW Owner, and owners may continue to make and add any additional alterations. 

RE-OPEN JOBS:  ***Are simply re-designed to get the OLD Client back on track or the New Client started with a professional Website.

  • Basic 5 page tabs : Most important pages of the site
  • ​Solid background SEO Settings.
  • Main and Professional Images and Text.
  • 2 Social Media Intergrations
  • 2 Changes: Max
  • Walk Through with the client on how to proceed. 

This is not a FULL PURCHASED Website Order. If you'd like our design techs to put in long hours of work at regular pay and design your site from beginning to end with multiple additions and new ideas, please purchase a Regular Price Website Job.

Standard: $1,000-$1,800
eCommerce: $1,500 - $7,500

Client has 30 days to get all immediate materials to SDP, so that we can start the design process. Once client supply's SDP with their

OWN website builder account, we'll then transfer our designs and all files and continue to build the site from within their account so that they can manage their own websites.

No communication from a Client within 30-60 days will result in removing the site job from our design grid completely.

No communication from client after 4-months, will result in purchase of a NEW WEBSITE Order.

Unlike most website companies who charge an entirely NEW PAYMENT after an abandoned site is deleted, SDP simply charges a

"Re-Open" fee to go back and re-open the design grids to find where the website job was dumped. 

For more information please contact a design tech @